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The Chianti Wine Road

The wine and its territory

If we say Chianti, Italy, what comes to mind? The fame of this area with its mottled green vineyards and olive groves draped over the hills, is undeniably linked to the fame of one of its most appreciated products, wine.

The origins of Chianti Classico
It seems that a specific wine of this territory is mentioned in documents that date back prior to the fifteenth century but the wine we know and love today, Chianti Classico, was born around 1860 when Bettino Ricasoli drafted the regulations at Brolio Castle.

The secret of excellence
The regulations strictly define production mthods, cultivation of the vineyards and, above all, the grape blend. The proportions for Chianti Classico are:

  • Sangiovese at least 80%
  • other varieties (natives like Cannaiolo or Colorino and internationals like Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot) up to 20%

A road that leads to beautiful landscapes and a glass of wine at every stop
Vacationers seeking fine dining and fine wines surrounded by cultural excellence can chose Villa Rosa di Boscorotondo with confidence: it's right on the Chianti Road.
There are countless wineries where you can taste the best wine along with a Bistecca alla Fiorentina from the best butchers in the area.

Chianti and Bistecca alla Fiorentina go well together!
You might have heard about Dario Cecchini, world-famous butcher with a shop and restaurants in Panzano.
For eight generations, the Antica Macelleria Cecchini has offered delicous meats.  Today Dario, a real tuscan character, runs the show.
Try the traditional, but modernized menu at his restaurant “Solo Ciccia” or visit his “Officina della Bistecca” and you will be surprised by Dario Cecchini, “butcher from nose to tail” as he defines himself.

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