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Breakfast & Meals

Country flavours, authentic emotions

There's a hint of paradise when you think of the fine cooking, natural aromas, genuine flavours and the world famous wines of Chianti.

Our cooking
As our guests will testify, cooking is the pride of Villa Rosa:

  • the family is in the kitchen
  • we never insist on half-board, because we want our guests to enjoy other experiences as well, but we do propose an excellent bed & breakfast offer
  • high quality produce with a preference for local ingredients
  • we organise small weddings and receptions (max 40 persons)
  • we organise cooking classes and wine tastings for small groups

In summer, breakfast and dinner are served outdoors on the veranda; in winter in the former wine cellar.

Flavours of the territory
Here, as in the past you can find traditional sheep cheese, ricotta from a local shepherd, the wines of nearby vineyards. This transforms a simple holiday into a genuine experience

Some of our guests' favourite dishes:

  • the famous and classic “bistecca alla fiorentina”
  • lemon pasta
  • Panzanella (Tuscan bread salad)
  • (roast chine of pork)
  • almond biscuits and vinsanto (Tuscan dessert wine)

Italian breakfast
Wake up to a rich Italian breakfast

  • coffee or cappuccino
  • yoghurt, cereals and fruit
  • bread, biscuits and rolls
  • marmelade and honey
  • cheese and ham

Strange but true!
Did you know that the name “Arista” for roast chine of pork, used only in Tuscany, is based on an event in history? It seems that during the Council of Florence in 1439, held to riconcile Christianity after the East-West scism and the Council of Constance, a high prelate of the Byzantine Church exclaimed “aristos!” (“the best” in Greek) when presented with a marvelous roast of pork. The other guests thought that he was referring directly to the cut of meat. The dish and the exclamation were so successful that ever since roast pork ihas been called “Arista” in Tuscany.

You'll get to know this and other legends when you come to visit Chianti for your holiday at Villa Rosa!

Villa Rosa Cooking Class!
Will give you an introduction to Tuscan food and wine. While cooking with an Italian chef you will learn how to cook a complete Tuscan meal.
Tuscan food is plain, simple to cook and based on fresh local products.
It is important for us to show you how to use locally grown fresh ingredients,  but that you can find  later also in your country. Ingredients change during the seasons, we will use what grows naturally and develops the taste of the season. Several starters, like bruschetta with different ingredients or crostini  will be the beginning of the  lesson.
We will also teach you a main course like pasta with several types of sauce or risotto. The second course, is generally meat with a side dish, e.g. "spezzatino con patate", we can make fresh pasta instead, if you are not interested in this.
During the lesson you are invited to assist the chef and at the end you will eat what you made yourself!
We will give you also an introduction to tuscan wines and how to combine them with the dishes. A class will  last approx. 2/3 hours.

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